American RV Motorhomes

American RV motorhomes are recreational vehicles imported from America. They also provide the ultimate in motorhome comfort on a road trip. These coach-built RV motorhomes are bigger versions of the Class A type, with added features and luxury fittings. They can be as big and as heavy as an average bus, so it is worth noting that there will be a legal requirement in some countries to have a suitable licence for driving a heavy vehicle.

RV Motorhomes

The Interior of An American RV Motorhome

A luxury RV motorhome of this type usually has a fairly spacious kitchen leaving you plenty of room to choose from the variations that are available when you buy your motorhome. There is usually a separate living room and dining area which can be bespoke and designed exactly to your specifications. The RV motorhomes come with small bathrooms and a separate toilet and shower for convenience and both double and single sleeping accommodation.