Audio Systems For Your Motorhome

Living in a motorhome should not deny you the pleasure of owning a cool sound system.

What does it take to have a good sound system in your motorhome? What equipment does the car audio system need? Did you know you can use your motor home sound system for Internet browsing, watching television or listening to music? Below we detail the best way to gear your motorhome up for a truly exceptional audio experience. If you would like to check out ideas for car audio systems take a look here.


How Do You Decide on the Best Audio System?

Music makes us feel good. How good? Good music depends on the sound quality produced by the audio system.

Having an excellent soundtrack makes the long road trip worthwhile. Your sound system should produce a clear and crisp sound that will not disrupt the song with your “singing.”


Good Quality Speakers

There are high-end speakers that music enthusiasts will love. The Polk Audio manufacture speakers and related components are ideal for your motor homes. Go for in-wall speakers that produce great sound while blocking the noise and unpleasant sounds.

A subwoofer comes in handy. You may use two subwoofers depending on the room size and how much bass your ears can handle. Consider tucking the subwoofers in a fold out coach. The idea is to create a housing unit for the subwoofers. It has the benefit of creating a deep bass in your living space with the speakers completely hidden.

Get a good receiver that can integrate with your television for an awesome viewing experience.

If you love listening to music but hate having individual components for the music system, the wireless hi-fi system is recommended. You will not have to deal with the mess of tangled wires or stashing away the speakers. Some applications run the entire system from a mobile device. Good news, the system supports the music streaming services, therefore, no limitations to what you can listen or watch.


Installation process and tips

You will need speakers, subwoofers, and an amplifier. However, a subwoofer and amplifier are optional. The size of the cabin determines the speaker size to be installed. While shopping for speakers consider:

  1. Cut an extra slot in the factory bracket. Most of the speakers come with a mounting bracket. Drill a hole on the back for a rigid and neat mounting.
  2. Fix a strengthening piece on the wall for even distribution of weight and giving more depth for the bracket screw to fit perfectly. One may use a piece of wood, measured based on the designated space.
  3. Attach the wall bracket to the strengthening piece. However, the installation design depends on individual preferences and cabin’s layout.
  4. Place the speaker on the bracket and ensure it holds securely in place.

How to use the system for TV or internet

Thanks to the technological advancement, your motorhome sound system allows Internet compatibility and TV connection.

The first step is replacing your old television. Get an LCD flat screen that allows Internet connectivity. Additionally, the television has brighter, clearer and bigger pictures. Having a Blu-ray player enables people in different rooms to watch the main TV or switch to a different channel.

TV viewing system

Another TV viewing option is buying the USB TV tuner. Plug the tuner in a spare USB port on your computer/laptop and install the software. However, ensure your laptop or computer has the required operating systems before making a purchase.


Free view

For those without inbuilt digital boxes, the free view boxes are an alternative. The boxes are relatively affordable and a cheaper way of upgrading your old TV.



The satellite dish depends on the area. There are some areas with poor coverage, and that calls for a bigger dish. However, having larger satellite occupies a large space and is difficult to mount. While dealing with a satellite, consider: