C-Class Coach-built Motorhomes

motorhomesThe most popular choices for motorhomes are the type that come with a standard driving cab and a separate body built onto a van chassis. It’s the closest to having a touring caravan, but without the need for towing equipment, and far more practical because it’s an all-in-one vehicle.

Are C-Class Motorhomes Spacious?

The C-Class motorhomes are spacious enough for a weekend away, a week or two on a campsite or a touring holiday, with plenty of storage space for belongings.

Some of these purpose built motorhomes also provide extra space above the driving cab, for additional storage or another sleeping berth. This over-the-cab style is a good choice for family holidays, touring and extended stays.

In addition to having two or more sleeping berths, a fitted kitchen area, dinette, toilet and other necessary facilities, this type of motorhome has enough width in the body to allow for a fixed full-length bed to be fitted across it.