Campervans and Minivan Motorhomes

Campervans can be used for holidays, day trips and weekends away. Some have raising roofs that make it possible to stand up inside.

Classic campervan conversions are still popular and very convenient. They are small enough for everyday use, while providing sleeping accommodation, kitchen equipment and facilities for two people. They are easy to drive on any width of road and parking in town is usually no problem with a campervan.

How Big are Campervans?

The smallest type of campervan or motorhome is no bigger than a medium to large car or people carrier. The back area has seating that converts into one or two berths and is fitted out to provide simple cooking facilities and space for a portable toilet. Most of these vehicles have a lifting roof or a high top, so there is space to stand up inside.

The big advantage of having a campervan motorhome is that it can be used exactly like a standard car and is just as easy to park, unless there is a height restriction and it has a high top.