Class A Integrated Motorhomes

Integrated motorhomes are suitable for long-distance cross-continental travel and extended holidays. They are less suited to driving around town, along narrow country lanes or up farm tracks.integrated motorhomes

What is the Layout Like of an Integrated Motorhome?

There is no separate driving van cab in an integrated Class A vehicle. The living area and the driving area are both contained within the same purpose-built body and the whole thing is fitted over a long, strong chassis. Some of the bigger ones, known as tag axle motorhomes, have a double set of back wheels.

Class A motorhomes are big enough to feature all the essentials you would expect to find in a family home. They usually have large water and waste tanks, an electric system, gas cooker and/or a microwave and a fridge. A washing machine and dryer could be optional, and at least one television will be standard.

The integrated motorhomes are usually designed to sleep three people comfortably, but additional berths will be available in some models.