Van Conversion Motorhomes

Van conversion motorhomesĀ that have been converted from a standard panel van are usually narrower and more compact than a purpose built vehicle, but still provide all that is necessary for a touring holiday or a lengthy stay away from home.

How Big is a Van Conversion Motorhome?

van conversion motorhomeIt is possible to drive along a narrow country road in a van conversion motorhome, making it easy to get to most campsites. There are few restrictions on where you can go with a van conversion, but some car parks have a height restriction, which could prevent a high-top van conversion from entering.

Most panel van conversions are made high enough to stand up in and are fitted with kitchen and bathroom facilities.

In some of these motorhomes there is enough width to have a double bed fitted across the rear part of the living space. It is worth checking out the length of a bed fitted this way, because it will be shorter than a regular bed.